Fitspiration and social media pressure

Fitspiration: How Much of It is Actually Social Media Pressure?

Has Social Media put on too much pressure for people to stay fit and healthy? Where's the line between motivation and peer pressure and have platforms like Instagram crossed that line?
How to Differentiate Confidence from Arrogance
The Lifestyle

Uplifting Self-Esteem: How to Differentiate Confidence from Arrogance

Confidence is key to having great self-esteem but an overabundance of it can lead to arrogance. And at times, you don't even realise it! Ensure that your self-confidence doesn't turn people off by ...
mens mental health working from home
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Men's Mental Health - Staying Sane While Working From Home

Your mental wellbeing should always be a top priority. You're never going to be your best self if you're letting your mental health slide. Do any or all of these steps to ensure that you remain fee...
Maintaining Fitness at Home

The Importance of Maintaining Fitness at Home

The benefits of physical fitness go way beyond the four corners of the gym. A good home workout helps you focus on yourself and your body more!
How to choose men's underwear for your body type
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How To Choose Men's Underwear For Your Body Type

Learn how to choose the right men's underwear for your body type? It's all about knowing your own body and what makes you comfortable!
fitness goals: dad bod vs 6 pack

Fitness Goals: Is A Dad Bod The New Six Pack?

These days, men are more divided than ever to what they want as their fitness goals: a dad bod or a six-pack? Which side is better? And which side are you on?
Future of Eco-Fashion
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What Does The Future of Eco-Fashion Look Like?

Sustainable style is the future of fashion. Eco-fashion is currently dominating the industry and this means major changes are afoot!
trunks or boxer briefs - Debriefs men's underwear
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Trunks or Boxer Briefs: What’s the Difference?

It's the modern-day conundrum, trunks or boxer briefs? Learn how they're different, what to consider, and why they're the best underwear styles for men today.
Debriefs underwear review - Jamie Azzopardi
Style & Fashion

Celebrity Stylist Jamie Azzopardi Reviews Debriefs

Luxury men's underwear brand Debriefs challenged Jamie to review Debriefs trunks and boxer briefs against the competitors in the Australian underwear market. Here's his review.