The process of making micromodal for a pair of Debriefs underwear

Naturally sourced and sustainable fabric


It sounds synthetic, but it's far from it!

Our MicroModal is produced from rejuvenated beechwood trees, which are grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals.

It requires 20x less water than a standard pair of cotton underwear to produce a pair of Debriefs. And it's a closed-loop process.

Grey Debriefs underwear hanging over a chair

From our wood to yours

Minimising our environmental impact has been part of our mission since day one. Our fabric is sustainable, our factories are solar powered and our shipping mailers are biodegradable. These are just a few ways we're doing our bit for the planet.

Ensuring a sustainable future

We're doing our bit, one bum at a time

Sustainability symbol for the micromodal that is used to produce Debriefs

The most sustainable fabric

Our MicroModal is produced by Lenzing from FSC certified and rejuvenated beechwood trees. They've refined the manufacturing process to make it one of the most sustainable fibers in the textile industry.

Recycling symbol for process of producing micromodal used to make Debriefs

Recycled resources

During production of MicroModal, up to 95% of the resources used are collected and reused. Lenzing also integrate cellulose recovery into this process, making it completely CO2-neutral.

Ethically made symbol referring to Debriefs underwear

Ethically made

The people behind the sewing machines are important to us. Our factory in Turkey ensure fair pay and quality working conditions for all their employees. They also power their plant through solar power, and plant 1000 trees a year to offset their carbon footprint.