We're committed to making you as comfortable as possible.

Designed by Aussies, for Aussies!

Born in Sydney, Australia, Debriefs started life in 2016 with a commitment to ensure men have access to genuinely comfortable underwear, without paying a premium.

No excessive prices for a brand label, no marketing gimmicks, just a quality, comfortable pair of underwear.

Underwear is often a piece of clothing we all neglect. We only get them when required and don’t invest in them when we do. After our founder moved to America in 2016 he discovered the benefits of a quality, comfortable pair of underwear and when he came home to Australia, he found nothing that met the same standards. He decided to do something about it.  

The confidence you feel when your underwear supports you is unmatched.

We've sourced the best quality MicroModal from Austria and partnered with a manufacturer in Turkey who is renowned for their standards in quality and eco-friendly production. Ensuring the underwear you purchase will leave you confident and comfortable all day, every day.