The Ideal Gentleman: Movie Characters to Emulate in Becoming a Better Man

Movie Characters to Emulate in Becoming a Better Man
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Movies might be larger than life but there are still a lot of things you can learn from them. It's here where they show the ideal man, the person you can aspire to be. To be the big boss who everybody respects and admires. To be the don of the family who everyone follows. And of course, to be the superhero who saves the day. The great thing about movie characters is that a lot of them can inspire you to be a better man. And here are some worthy examples. 


As far as gentlemanly movie characters go, you can't get any better than Steve Rogers, or Captain America, himself! Women mostly love him for his classic good looks and ripped body, but we all can't look like Chris Evans, can we? However, you can still act like the gentleman that Rogers is. To be that selfless leader who doesn't leave anyone behind. To respect your colleagues but still know how to take control. And to always fight for the greater good. You don't need an Infinity War to be your own Steve Rogers either. Simply defending people at your work can be enough. 


Another leading man that women go gaga over is Noah from "The Notebook." Now, what's so special about him? In the movie, he never gave up on his love for Allie. Despite the social barriers and countless tragedies that befell their relationship, Noah kept on fighting. And as sappy as that sounds, some believe that's how gentlemen should act when it comes to love. When it comes to being with "the one," you'll need to fight tooth and nail to get her no matter what. And no, you don't necessarily need to passionately kiss in the rain (though it might help!). 


Everyone has a pretty good idea of what a gentleman looks like, right? And it’s likely that gentleman looks like Jay Gatsby of "The Great Gatsby." His tailored suits, coiffed hair, and confident stature epitomise what a gentleman should appear to be. He invites people into his home for his lavish parties yet maintains an air of mystery to keep them allured. But really,  it's his calm demeanour that seals the deal. Even when he was violently confronted by his lover's husband, he mostly remained cool and collected. That's how a real gentleman should act. The next time your boss shouts at you, don't hit back! A real gentleman like Gatsby would take a breather and keep on working! 


If there's ever a movie character you can say is a true "family man," it's none other than Don Vito Corleone of "The Godfather." Sure, he's not the best person in the world—mobsters rarely are!—however, when it comes to family, he's got the best sense! Firstly, he knew the value of family and always sought to protect his from countless enemies. Secondly, he also spends time with them. He was a busy father, yes, but he often spent quality time with his kids and grandchildren. And if a dangerous mobster can still spare a few hours with his own family, why can't you? 


Speaking of family men, another good example is James J. Braddock from "Cinderella Man." As far as movie characters go, this is probably the easiest to emulate in becoming a better man for one's family. When the Great Depression hit his family hard, this former boxing champion decided to get back in the ring again. He literally "fought for his family," even though he was past his prime and got humiliated a couple of times. But did he care? Nope! And neither should you! When your family is at stake, you take as many risks as you need to! Whether it's at work or your own personal goals, you should do everything you can for the people you love. 


He's not only "The Greatest Showman," but he's also a great gentleman! He saw the worth of people that are different and sought to bring out the best in them. That's how a real gentleman should be, whether he's a movie character or not. And that's how you should be too! To be a better man is to not show off that you're better than others, but rather, help them embrace what makes them better than you. In your group of friends, for instance, if you have a better physique than most of the guys, don't just show off your body. Help them gain confidence in other ways or encourage them to work out like you! 


The next time you watch a movie, look closely at the leading man. You might learn a thing or two about how to become the best version of yourself! There's a real gentleman inside of you that's waiting to come out! 


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